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Meet Dr. Buckwalter

Dr. Buckwalter is an accomplished clinical psychologist with advanced training and two decades of experience in psychological and neuropsychological assessment and treatment. She brings a life dedicated to personal growth, academic excellence, quality client care, and respect for the uniqueness of each individual into every session in her highly respected private practice.

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Dr. Buckwalter’s training & experience in Psychology (focus on the individual), Neuropsychology (brain & cognition focus), & Couples/Family therapy (focus on relationships) uniquely qualify her to specialize in both assessment & treatment of a range of issues.

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Services available to Dr. Buckwalter’s clients include:
Psychological Assessment
Neuropsychological Evaluation
and Medico-legal Evaluation.

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Selected articles and links are available to provide information about specific issues (like anxiety, depression, ADHD or cognitive difficulties), increase understanding of the process of therapy, and promote personal growth. Dr. Buckwalter’s frequently used office forms are also available.

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