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Deborah spent the first years of her adult life chalking up “life experience” as she focused on parenting her children and being an involved member of her community. As her daughters completed high school and went on to further education, Deborah began graduate work at the School of Psychology at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena CA, where she obtained Masters degrees in Marital and Family Therapy, Psychology, and Integrative Studies.  She went on to earn her Ph.D. in Psychology, specialized in Neuropsychology, and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Department of Neurology at UCLA. Deborah considers herself a lifelong learner and regularly participates in professional development, classes, and other sources of continuing education. Her study of Interpersonal Neurobiology strongly informs her professional practice.

Approach to Treatment

As humans, we are frequently challenged with the need to adjust– to unforeseen changes and transitions, to loss, to injury and illness, or to the pressures of everyday life and relationships. Sometimes issues that have been present for a long time grab your attention and you can’t ignore them any longer. Or YOU change and the world around you becomes unsettled. At times adjustment is needed in conjunction with an event or process of your own choosing like a move, elective surgery, a breakup in a relationship, a job change, or engagement in a spiritual quest. As a psychologist, I join with individuals like you who might be struggling with specific challenges, and help you to cope, gain insight, problem-solve, heal, and adjust in such a way that your life can be lived as fully and genuinely as possible. My approach to healing and growth is multi-modal in that I utilize the type or types of therapy that are most appropriate for the concerns you bring to your therapy. Overall, my perspective is highly informed by INTERPERSONAL NEUROBIOLOGY (IPNB), an interdisciplinary understanding of how the brain develops and is continuously shaped by interpersonal relationships and life events.

Your treatment begins with a thorough discussion of your specific circumstances and how they impact you. Treatment then proceeds as a joint commitment to actively address your concerns by increasing awareness and insight, developing and using strategies to better manage your issues, and using the therapeutic relationship itself to move you toward your goals.

Dr. Buckwalter is available for a personal consultation to assure a good fit between your needs and goals and her expertise.

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